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This page lists assorted miscellaneous sports-related stuff that I have for sale or trade. I’ve put prices on most of these things (postage not included), but they’re not set in stone. Feel free to make an offer. In fact, for a lot of the old magazines, you can have them for the price of the (media mail) postage. Everything is also available for trade. Eventually, most likely in a few years after I retire, all this stuff is going on Ebay. Thanks for looking.


1989 Baseball Greats:
Reggie Jackson/Don Drysdale $9.00
Willie McCovey/Wille Mays $9.00
Mickey Mantle/Joe DiMaggio $15.00
Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig $15.00

1991 Juan Gonzalez (tape/tears/lprice tag removed on card) $1.00

1992 Olympic Basketball Dream Team (Bird, Magic, Jordan, Barkley, etc.) $49.00
1992 Cecil Fielder $1.00
1992 Scottie Pippen (with case) $9.00
1992 Michael Jordan (tear on card) (with case) $10.00

1993 Nolan Ryan - Retirement (extended issue) (in hard case) $30.00
1993 Nolan Ryan (regular issue) $10.00
1993 Cal Ripken (with case) $10.00
1993 Gary Sheffield $2.00
1993 Jeff Bagwell $2.00

1993 Cooperstown Collection: Will sell as single figures or as complete set. $9.00 each or all 8 for $60 (shipping extra)
Honus Wagner
Reggie Jackson
Babe Ruth
Ty Cobb
Cy Young
Lou Gehrig

1994 Mike Piazza $8.00

1995 Cooperstown Collection: $8.00 each (or will sell as a lot for cheaper)
Babe Ruth
Harmon Killebrew
Bob Gibson
Rob Carew

1996 Cooperstown Collection: $7.00 each
Grover Cleveland Alexander
Mel Ott
Joe Morgan

1997 Cooperstown Collection: Mickey Mantle $8.00
1997 Reggie White (football) $5.00


Vintage and Classic Baseball Collector – A wonderful, high-quality magazine highlighting vintage (pre-1970) baseball cards and players. Still sought after by vintage card collectors, this magazine sadly had a short run of only 38 issues. VCBC still has a website where you can view the covers and get an index of stories. I have all issues available except #7 at $5 each, or $99 for the near complete run (1-6, 8-38) plus postage. All issues are in excellent/near mint condition with an occasional slightly bent corner on the covers.

Topps Magazine – Published in the early 90’s by the Topp’s trading card company. Articles about baseball players and their cards. Included in each issue are uncut sheets of cards of current players with vintage or unusual card designs. All magazines listed are in near mint condition and come with intact card sheets. Players featured on the covers are in parentheses. $3 each.
Spring 1991 (Barry Bonds/Bobby Bonilla)
Summer 1991 (Ricky Henderson)
Fall 1991 (Cal Ripken, Jr.)
Winter 1991 (Cecil Fielder)
Spring 1992 (National League cover – Howard Johnson)
Spring 1992 (American League cover – Frank Thomas) (sealed in plastic)
Summer 1992 (Mark McGuire) (3 avialable)
Fall 1992 (Gary Sheffield)
Winter 1992 (Ken Griffey, Jr.)
Summer 1993 (Dynamic Duos)
Fall 1993 (Nolan Ryan)

Sports Cards Magazine – Similar format to Topps Magazine. Also included uncut sheets of cards of current players. Players featured on covers in parentheses. All issues listed are in near mint condition with card sheets intact. $3 each.
September 1992 (Will Clark)
May 1993 (Eric Karros)
June 1993
July 1993 (Roger Clemens)
August 1993 (Frank Thomas)
September 1993 (Barry Bonds)
November 1993 (Brett Favre)


Most of the books listed deal with the glory years of baseball from the 1930’s to the 1960’s. All the hardcover books are in like new condition with undamaged dust jackets. Prices do not include postage (media mail).

HC = hardcover
DJ = dust jacket
SC = softcover

We Played the Game – 65 Players Remember Baseball’s Greatest Era 1947-1964. Edited by Danny Peary. (1994) 643 pages HC/DJ $9.00

Memories of Summer – When Baseball was an Art and Writing about it a Game. Roger Kahn (1997) 290 pages. HC/DJ $9.00

For the Love of the Game – Baseball Memores from the Men Who Were There. Cynthia J. Weller (1992) 366 pages. HC/DJ $8.00

The October Twelve – Five Years of New York Yankee Glory 1949-1953. Phil Rizzuto with Tom Horton. (1994) 223 pages. HC/DJ $7.00

Mickey Mantle – My Favorite Summer 1956. Mickey Mantle and Phil Pepe. (1997) 246 pages. HC/DJ $8.00

Baseball’s Finest – The Greats, The Flakes, The Weird, and the Wonderful. Famous Writers and Celebrities Profile Their All-Time Favorite Baseball Stars. Edited by Danny Peary. (1990) 381 pages. HC/DJ $6.00

The Perfect Game - A Classic Collection of Facts, Figures, Stories, and Characters from the Society for American Baseball Research. Edited by Merle Alvarez. (1993) 259 pages. HC/DJ $7.00

When the Boys Came Back – Baseball and 1946. Frederick Turner (1996) 290 pages. HC/DJ $6.00

The History of the World Series – The Complete Chronology of America’s Greatest Tradition. Gene Schoor. (1990) (oversize) HC/DJ $8.00

The Ultimate Baseball Book. Edited by Daniel Okrent and Harris Lewine. (1988) 352 pages. (oversized, SC) $5.00

Showtime – Running Away with the 1987 World Championship. Inside the Laker’s Break-Through Season. Pat Riley (1988) 259 pages. HC/DJ $5.00


100, 150, and 200-count plastic storage boxes for cards (new, unused) – 50 cents each.

Unopened packs (2) of Ultra-Pro top loaders (25 per pack) - $2.00

New cardboard storage boxes - 100 count